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For migrating from 0.15.1 release to 0.16.0 release must follow the below steps:

  1. User must install 0.16.0 in the new path as a fresh install.

    The deploy directory should be similar as shown below after installation.


    | - sts/

    | - | - uploads/

    | - | - config.yaml

    | - docker-compose-TOOLS.yaml

    | - docker-compose.yaml
  2. Then the user must copy docker-compose-TOOLS.yaml to old deployed directory using below commands.

    $ cp docker-compose-TOOLS.yaml /opt/meg-vas/0.15.1/deploy/
  3. Once copied, user must run tools backup, to backup the state of the old version.


    Run docker image ls -a, and look for meghcomputing/tools:0.16.0 image exists in the local docker repository before running the backup.

     $ docker-compose -f docker-compose-TOOLS.yaml up tools-backup

    This will create a mongodb-<TIMESTAMP>.tar.gz file under <WHERE-EVER>/deploy/sts.

  4. Once the backup file is created, user can download this file to the local system.

  5. Now, user can bring up dockers on 0.16 <WHERE-EVER-0.16.0>/dashboard/docker-compose up Then user can traverse to web GUI.User will see the below page on the UI.

    Onboard page

  6. User must click on the migrate option at the bottom of the page. First , user will be presented with a backup command.As user has already done that, user can proceed by clicking on Continue

  7. Now, in the restore option, user must browse the downloaded mongodb-<TIMESTAMP>.tar.gz file. Follow through the process. This will restart STS automatically.

  8. Once the restore process is successful. User should just Logout and Login and should see all the old data restored in the new release setup.

  • After restore and login. For every site, the time-zone is defaulted to Europe/Dublin User must change it to appropriate relative site time-zone by using Site/Update.

  • As this is a manual upgrade, site images in .png & .jpeg format under the <deploy>/sts/uploads/images must be copied manually by user to <deploy-0.16>/dashboard/sts/uploads/images