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Megh VAS Suite + Portal

0.17 Release Notes

Megh Computing, Inc

Megh Computing provides a real-time streaming analytics platform that is performant, scalable, and flexible. The Megh VAS Suite-100 is a video analytics application based on our Megh VAS platform.



The Megh VAS Suite-100 is a complete, end-to-end video analytics solution that offers high performance and low latency. It can be used as-is, or easily integrated into existing VMS platforms. The Megh VAS Suite-100 is available today on AWS EC2 c5 and t3 instances and can also be deployed on the edge in a Docker container.

The Megh VAS Suite-100 is easy to enable on AWS or Edge compute servers, and can support up to 10 channels of video running on the CPU only. As your analytics needs scale, you can easily upgrade to the Megh VAS Suite-300+, and accelerate any or all portions of the pipeline using accelerator devices such as GPU and/or FPGAs. See our additional product offerings at

Quick Notes on Terms of Use and Privacy Policies

  • This is a early version of the Megh VAS Suite-100. It contains pre-release code that may not reflect the performance or compatibility of the final, generally available product. This software is provided “AS IS” solely to internally evaluate the Solution and without warranty of any kind. This software can not be commercialized or distributed without explicit, written permission from Megh Computing.

  • The deep learning models in this release have been trained using public datasets. Topologies may need to be retrained to the end-user’s environment for optimum performance. The end-user must determine if the level of accuracy of the models is sufficient for their use-case.

  • We integrate with third party applications (license managers, Docker hub, AWS) that may collect usage statistics related to downloads and API usage.

  • Our application outputs video frames that may contain personal information. Although we offer optional facial blurring when displaying these frames, the obfuscation may not be 100% effective.

  • Our application supports asymmetric encryption between data transfer points. Additional authentication can be optionally activated to ensure data is only published to certified clients.

  • We are committed to protecting your privacy. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at