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Configuring Megh Vas-suite for AWS Marketplace

The AWS Marketplace AMI is already configured with the latest version of the application. Simply launch the AMI on the desired instance type (we validate using c5.2xlarge, c5a.2xlarge, and t2.xlarge instances) and min 64GB memory.

When launching the instance, you must enable the following ports access from your IP:

  • Port 22 for SSH, so you can connect to and control your session

  • Port 80 & 8080 to view the web GUI output directly


  1. Connect and login to the running AWS instance

  2. Stop nginx

    sudo service nginx stop
  3. Start the application by bringing up all the dockers

    cd megh-vas_suite
    docker-compose up -d

    When starting the Megh VAS Suite for the first time it might take several minutes for product to come up because the storage blocks must be pulled down from Amazon S3 and written to the volume before you can access them. This preliminary action takes time and can cause a significant increase in the latency of I/O operations the first time each block is accessed. Volume performance is achieved after all blocks have been downloaded and written to the volume.

  4. To stop the application by bring down all the dockers

    docker-compose down
  5. Access the VAS application using the web browser and typing the IP address or full domain name of machine. GUI interface like below should be visible if you are logging in for the first time.


    Now user can register by clicking on the Register link.