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Zone mark

This option allows the user to create zones as per the user's requirement. These zone marks in the pipeline is available for some specific usecases like loiter, intrusion and people occupancy. So while configuring above said usecases only we can configure zone as per user's requirement.

Add Zone

While adding the analytics the user can add the zone by clicking on the zone button present in the pipeline element which is highlighted in red color in the below image. Zone_option

Once the user clicks on the zone button it opens up a zone configuration page below the pipeline card as shown below. Zone_config

The user can click on pen icon on the right to edit the zone. Once user clicks on it, the corners of the zone are highted for the user to customize in free hand form. Users can also use different shapes provided in the predefined shape section (like line, triangle,trapezoid, parallelogram etc) to customize the zone shape as per his/her choice and create a zone.

Once the zone is created, the user can click on save modifications then finally click on save configuration and click on update analytics configuration which saves zone and the configured zone can be viewed in the channel page.