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Manage section is provided only to the SuperAdmin and Admin roles and so only theu can add other users to the Megh Portal.

add user

The SuperAdmin and Admin can add a new user by clicking on add user in the manage section and filling up the create user form by giving details of the user like first name, last name, email, password, role of the person in the organization and submit.


There are 5 roles provided i.e

  1. SuperAdmin
  2. Admin
  3. User
  4. Superviewer
  5. Viewer

For more details on each of the roles and role privileges click on the below link

Role Privileges

Once the user is created, the SuperAdmin and Admin can provide other users with the credentials, with which they can login to the Megh portal.

The created users are listed in the user page of the manage section as shown in the below image.

added user

The user can click on the card to perform different operations on already added user like Edit, Delete and Manage user as shown in the above image.

The details of the user added can be edited using edit option. The user added can be deleted using the delete option.

Using the manage option the sites at the SuperAdmin and Admin end can be assigned to the added user.

manage user

The above image shows the user manage page where user can check mark the site and click on assign option to assign that site to the added user. Similarly check mark required site and unassign the sites from the user.


The SuperAdmin and Admin can only assign sites which are available to them to the new user roles they have created.