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Deployer Example

This tool is intended as an example of deploying different Nimble configurations at runtime. You can find it under tools/rest_deployer.

First you will need to make sure that your license manager is configured, and that you have the latest docker images:

user@host:~$ docker-compose pull

To run the example:

user@host:~$ docker-compose up

Code Breakdown

First, we read in the example JSON file:

with open("config.json", "r") as f:
config_json =

Connect to the Nimble web server on port 6344 (unless configured otherwise):

conn = HTTPConnection(host="nimble", port=6344)

Next, the configuration is pushed to the appropriate endpoint:

conn.request("PUT", "/v1/config", config_json)

Finally, the response is requested:

res = conn.getresponse()

The status of the response can be checked to determine success or failure:

print("Push result:", res.status, res.reason)

If the status is 200 OK, then the new config has been accepted and Nimble has been reconfigured successfully.