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Sources bring in data and push it into the pipeline, they contain two mandatory fields and one optional with specific source types adding extra fields as necessary: address, rate, and type.

type: "video"                     # string: "video", "file", "youtube"
address: "rtsp://camera:554/path" # string: url or path, depending on 'type' property
rate: 30 # integer: desired input rate (optional: default 30)
  • address is a URL to a camera, video stream or file. There are two forms:
    • Short-form: A simple URL string. May include username and password if they don't contain special characters.
    • Long-form: An object containing a URL with extra authentication properties.
      • url: A URL string without username and password.
      • user: A username for HTTP authentication.
      • pass: A password for HTTP authentication.
  • rate is the desired input data rate for the source, sources that provide data faster than the rate will drop packets appropriately.
  • type is the source type, there are 3 different options:
    • video : https or rtsp video stream.
    • file : stream from a video file.
    • youtube : stream from a youtube video.