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Sink Stream Element

Sink elements take data from the pipeline and push it out, they contain three mandatory fields: address, filter and type

type: "file"         # string: "file", "inf", "zmq", "zmqinternal"
address: "video.mp4" # string: url or path, depending on 'type' property
filter: "*" # string, integer, or array of integers: source(s) to filter on (by zero-based index)
  • address is a url to either a zmq socket or video file.
  • filter filtering can be performed on the input source, it can either be * to denote no filtering, an integer or a list of integers of the source you want to filter on. The Sources are implicitly indexed top-to-bottom starting from index 0.
  • type is source type, there are 4 different types:
    • file : stream out to file.
    • zmq : publish output stream on a ZMQ socket.
    • zmqinternal : for connecting nimble containers together, must be connected to a Nimble zmqinternal source.
    • inf : infinite sink that drops received data.

Subscribing to a ZMQ Sink

Receiving data from Nimble is primarily though the zmq sink type. For a detailed description, please refer to: Data Publishing Endpoint (PUB-SUB) in the ZMQ API.

For an example, please refer to Subscriber Example.